Idol [email protected] 03 - Miki, daisuki ~!

To be honest, I’m not really a fan of Idol [email protected] I never played the game, or doing any other [email protected] fans activity other than reading few *cough*yuricough doujins on the topic.

Alas, from the TV serial, I found this one character really enchant me. Beside her self proclaim about her big boobs back then at 1st episode, Her standard apparent were actually made me realize how outstanding she is. Leaved me wondering whether the [email protected] creator did made her personality, like who she is right now, on purpose or not.

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ZOMG Yumekui Merry from Elexmedia

This is somewhat great, Another good title will be released this April 27th by Elex Media Komputindo (Comic publishing company at Indonesia). yep it’s Dream Eater Merry! The anime itself just finished broadcast last winter. yay here be link Eater-Merry-01 /late