Synchro Test Suite

I use this mainly for unit testing my C programs. Since most of the programs were targetted for embedded device, it’s a bit tricky to test, but at least this small suite forced me to separate the modules and make sure they’re all decoupled

Most of the main features were actually macros. Stored at test_fwx.h, the source is self-documented, just take a read to figure out how to use the assertions. And then I was inspired by Python doctest, a tool to execute unit test written at docstring in the source code. It was actually came from Peter Norvig’s So I decide to create similar tool, written in C, I used bison and flex to generate the parser, which I call chouchou.

Here be example on how to use chouchou:
First, make sure you already have bison and flex installed, then compile chouchou with gcc, just type make and you’ll set.

I’ll start with this C source file

``` c lychrel.c //this file will be named lychrel.c //It’s not actually finding lychrel number //but you’ve got the idea. //

#include #include #include #include “lychrel.h”

int do_reverse(int number) { char m[11]; int len, i, j;

if (!sprintf(m, "%d", number))
    return 0;

len = strlen(m);

for(i = 0, j = len - 1; i < j; i++, j--) {
    char c = m[i];
    m[i] = m[j];
    m[j] = c;

return atoi(m);


int is_palindrom(int num) { int test = do_reverse(num); if (test == num) return 1; return 0; }

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gnome background changer

I got myself playing with a lot of scripting language lately… so, this is a python script that change your gnome wallpaper based on given directory. Its default setting is to change the wallpaper every 1 minute, the setting is stored in gconf and you can change it from gconf-editor-> /desktop/gnome/background the script will create two keys “picture_folder” and “timeout” okay, this is it… {% include_code %} or fork it from the gist here:

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