Visual Novel

KiriKiri revealed (2)

As I continued along… KiriKiri game system itself contains command line debugger and simple editor. KAG is already packed with a template for common visual novel system. And it structured by folder, which is packed in xp3 file at final release. This is the common file system in KAG visual novel: data | -startup.tjs (startup script, game starts here) | -bgimage -[all background images here] | -bgm -[background music here] | -fgimage -[ie.
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ato... kizuato...

Leaf released this game on summer 1996, kizuato is one of early visual novel at the time.. the story was typically has same story pattern with another visual novel in the market at that time… well… this game just like another visual novel…. and seems not really success… recently… leaf released re make version of kizuato on DVD format… it seems the character design was changed… a bit… let’s take a look….
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more lyrical

another visual novel from marmalade lyrical DS Dramatic Stories lookin for it right now… yeah…

I love yuma tonami

setelah menamatkan to heart 2 xrated rute yuma tonami salah satu cg favorit saya (sebenarnya ada banyak, karena saya me-rip seluruh cg nya) more info on my another web log